New to Church?

Welcome to our church website. Maybe you’re here because you’ve got questions about who God is or you simply want to find out more about Christianity.

We’d be delighted to welcome you to one of our church services and so… Here’s what to expect once you arrive.

• You’ll be welcomed by one of our ushers and directed to the prayer room (if you’d like to pray before service) or the auditorium if we’re about to begin.

• We start with praise and worship followed by a brief time for people to greet and welcome one another.

• Pastor Wesley will then discuss any announcements and church events which will then lead into an opportunity to give into the offering.

• After the offering the sermon will begin… a time to be immersed in God’s word! which usually lasts around 35 mins which is then followed by an opportunity for people to pray and repent which we call an Alter Call.

• This is followed by a closing prayer and fellowship with teas and coffee after service has finished.

Why not come and visit us and experience church for yourself. We’d very much like to see you.