Maybe you are reading this page because you received an invitation to our church, maybe you are trying to find answers about life and God, or maybe you were just bored on the internet and stumbled across our website.

Whatever the reason; thank you for taking the time to be here.

The Potters House church is a vibrant, bible believing and spirit-filled local church with a world wide vision, and on our website you will get a taste of who we are and what we do. I am proud to say that our church is filled with all types of people from various cultures and walks of life.
One thing that has brought us together is that we have come to understand Jesus Christ to be the hope of the world and that because of Him we may have life, purpose and hope. If you don’t yet know Jesus, or maybe you do and you have just moved to the area, I would like to encourage you to come to our next church service to experience what God is doing here and discover why the gospel is the answer for your life